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Empathy and Kindness - Better World
The project is for students of 10-15 and inspiring teachers. Let's be kind and empathetic!
Created by Viktoriia Sviatohor
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Team From Ukraine, Sviatoshyn Gymnasium
Team from Ukraine 2
Svitlana Mayerchuk
I'm Svitlana Mayerchuk, Ukraine. I'm a teacher of General English, Business English and Country Study in Kyiv, Sviatoshyn Gymnasium. I'm a holder of CELTA, TKT and a set of other certificates). I'm responsible, reliable, funny and very enthusiastic. My hobby .....I don't even know...soap making used to, let it be travelling)))

Happy to see you all here. Some of you I know in person. Nataly Наталия Высочинская (Nataliia Vysochynska) is my lovely and very responsible colleague...Violeta Cozonac we've met at META conference in Moldova this year. Ferda, Derya, Berna Efeoglu, Kevser Açıkel , Ebru Ozcelik are my best ever partners from English Cafe eTwinning project. I'm sure we'll make friends!

Tell some words about you, please!😍😍

Nataliia Vysochynska, artist, Ukraine
Inspiration of the project
Violeta, Moldova
  • Hi everyone. It's a great honor for me to be a member of the best group of the most interesting teachers. I'm Violeta from Moldova. I teach English in Middle School and High School. I love involving students in more than textbook work. To me, English is the tool for discovering the world, so I want my students learn how to use it better. At the moment I am in Austria at an eTwinning Conference, so if any of you is here, I'll be pleased to meet you.

Anita Drenjančević, Croatia

Hello everyone!

My name is Anita and I work as a school librarian in a primary school Josipovac in Croatia. I run the extracurricular activity of a journalist in my school, I'm an editor of our school newspapers and I work on eTwinning projects (so I met Svitlana :-) )

I hope to improve my English language skills and meet colleagues around the world!

Svitlana Lenarska, Ukraine

Hello, dear project partners! My name is Svitlana Lenarska. I'm from Cherkasy (Ukraine). I am a teacher of English at Collegium ''Berehynia''. I love my job and my lovely students. I am fond of reading and travelling, I like Art and nature.

It's my third year on eTwinning platform. I believe in the power of eTwinning and love getting involved in eTwinning projects as they really benefit my students, bringing fun and excitement as well. So I'm very happy to be a little part of this project.

Ivana Rakonić Leskovar, Croatia

  • Hello, my name is Ivana Rakonić Leskovar and I am a school librarian in primary school Dragutina Lermana in Brestovac near Požega (Slavonia region - Croatia). I enjoy working with my students on etwinning projects, and they enjoy too :) Together we work in our journalist group and hope to meet colleagues and their students around the world.

Lidija Galović, Croatia

My name is Lidija Galović and I'm a Croatian language teacher in the Josipovac primary school in Croatia. I enjoy working as a primary school teacher and I find working with childern very inspiring . My students are 11 to 14 years old. I'm looking forward to working with new colleagues from all around the world and to acquiring new skills
Snježana Štark, Croatia


My name is Snježana Štark and I'm an English language and German language teacher in the primary school in Josipovac, Croatia. I work with children at the age of 8 and 9, and 12 to 14. Being a teacher is sometimes a very demanding job, but seing the glow in the eyes of my pupils when they realise that they can and know how, is priceless.

I'm looking forward to taking part in this project because I believe that there can never be too much empathy and kindness in this world. :)

Ebru Özçelik, Turkey

Hello my beloved partners, I consider myself so lucky to be a part of this project. I have been teaching English for five years in secondary school in Bolu, Turkey, and this will be my third e-twinning project. We were partners in English Cafe project with Svitlana. My biggest passion is to travel all around the world as a hobby🌍 and I love teaching English. I believe that bookish education is not enough for our students to be fully developed in this age. So this kind of projects will definitely be supportive for formal education. Moreover, thanks to this lovely project, my students will have a chance to improve their English skills😋Wish you all success and joy with this project🤗🙋♀️
Berna EFEOGLU, Turkey

  • Hi,

    I am Berna from Istanbul,Turkiye. I have been teaching English for 26 years.Last year I worked on 4 e-twinning projects .It was a hectic year but fruitful year for me and for my students.We worked with Svitlana and Kevser with the English Cafe Project.This year I will have 2 e-twinning project this one and the other one is connected to our Erasmus KA2 project.My students are experienced on e-twinning from last year.

    Bullying has always been a subject that I would like to work on.When Svitlana offered to work on it I accepted it without thinking on it.

    I am sure we will do great activities.

Sevinç Atalı, Turkey


My name is Sevinç Meaning is happiness.I'm an English teacher for twenty years.

I love my students and my job.I'm happy to be in this project group.I like learning and searching to much.

Ayşegül Eskitaş,Kayseri,Turkey

I am an English teacher at Hayriye Middle School in Kayseri ,Turkey.I have been teaching for 15 years. I have been a teacher of Ministry of National Education for 5 years. I worked in different instutions .I enjoy researcing ,reading a lot and taking courses .I want to do my best for my students and my job .In brief , I love my job.My dream has been to join projects over the years. Here I am to make my wish come true .

Last year my friend Nataliia Vysochynska and I were together in a project .Our project was Art-cafe. Dear Nataliia said me that there was a project about Empathy and Kindness and Dear Nataliia was so hardworking and reliable that I immediately accepted her offer.Thanks to her that our project is full of activities. I hope we will gain lots of valuable information.

NICO MAIELLARO, IIS Pitagora Policoro, Italy

Hi My name is NICO MAIELLARO, I live in Policoro, a small town in the south of Italy. I teach English in a vocational school in Policoro to students aged 14-18 years old.

PPP the three Ps are my slogan: Passion, Pair and Project. To carry on Projects to avoid cultural and geographical isolation

I am the contact person of etwinning and Erasmusplus; Welcome Diversity at School was my last pproject Erasmusplus. I am very glad to take part to this project and with my students that are very difficult.

Have you all a good school year 2019/20


Kevser AÇIKEL, Şehit Birol Yavuz İHO, Turkey

Our school is a state school in Ordu, Turkey. There are aproximately 650 students. Their ages are between 10-13. This year, We are carrying out a lot of e-twinning projects in our school. I love my school,my colleagues and my lovely students :)
our common final product:
A Tutorial on teaching Empathy and Kindness at school
What are we doing here? We're working on making the world a better place! We're trying to teach our students to be empathetic.
Our project became the Best Project Of Ukraine in November 2019.
Our Charity Results
Charity - is an essential part of the project.
We are taking care of animals
World animal day
Social videos which we created
Our common collection of posters on the World Kindness Day 2019.
November 14-th - World Kindness Day
Our 5-day advent calendars
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